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Non-fiction Book: The Star Trek Craft Book

For several years, I wrote a weekly post for A book editor noticed that I mentioned a love of Star Trek in my bio. She emailed me and asked if I would be interested in working on book project about Star Trek crafts. I figured it was a trick question, because how could my answer be anything but yes?

I couldn’t think of a better marriage of topics for me – crafting and geekery. I gladly took the project on, and in addition to writing it, also served as a quasi-project manager, conducting outreach and soliciting projects from 14 crafters, and coordinating the shipment of their projects to and from the publisher for photography. I kept a meticulous spreadsheet and email system to make sure everything got where it needed to go and the project stayed on deadline.

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Star Trek, in all its variations, has endeared itself to me, as a thread woven throughout my life. Some of my earliest elementary school memories involve Star Trek. My brother and I used to eat dinner on little folding trays while watching Kirk battle some unimaginably fierce alien, or charming a hazy woman in a gauzy dress. I remember seeing “The Wrath of Kahn” in the theater with my dad. He was so excited to see such a grand villain on the big screen, and the fifth-grade me was mesmerized as my dad described the backstory of the SS Botany Bay and its inhabitants.

When I met my husband in college and learned of his passion for the show, I knew I’d found a keeper. Together we’ve raised our children with a healthy appreciation for all things Trek, guiding them through each series, episode by episode (including the animated series), and attending the midnight showing of each new movie.

Throughout it all, I’ve come to appreciate and respect the pioneering elements of the show, how it tested the boundaries of social mores and how it has inspired generations of viewers to “boldly go where no one has gone before”.

That’s just what we want to do with this book. While full of geeky goodness and just plain fun to make, each project pays homage to the quintessential essence of Star Trek—the encouragement to seek out new experiences and embrace your spirit of adventure.

May each project speak to that part of you that longs to explore strange new worlds, and imagine the unimaginable. Use this book to try new craft techniques and materials—you’ll find everything from crochet to decoupage, from fleece to fun fur. We’ve also included a chapter on hosting a theme party, so you can gather with your fellow fans in Star Trek style.

As a bonus, each project includes tidbits of Star Trek lore, giving you an inside look at characters and backstories to lend more meaning to your crafting.

Whether you’re a Trekker in Training or a seasoned craft whiz, you’ll find a project to pique your interests. Have fun exploring! May you craft long, and prosper.