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Content Strategy & Copywriting: White Paper Initiative

I am fortunate that my interests, skills and experience have found a home in my professional life: content strategy. I love assessing a situation, whether an individual campaign or full-fledged brand awareness, and figuring out what content would best achieve the business goals and objectives.

Making white papers new again

To help introduce internal product marketers to the capabilities of the newly created Strategic Communications team I was on, we launched what we called a “white paper initiative.” Our intention was to assess content that had already been published and determine how else it could be used (“repurposing”). As the senior content specialist, my part in this initiative included:


  • Conducting an audit of white papers previously published by the six business divisions

  • Reviewing all white papers to determine which had the best potential for further content development

  • Identifying what content formats would work best

  • Presenting internal product marketers with a content strategy proposal for asset development

  • Creating a plan and timeline for publishing repurposed content, and promoting it on social media

  • Shepherding each campaign from planning to development to publication and promotion

I identified six white papers and collaborated with the marketers and our designers to repurpose the original content into 14 derivatives and four months of social content.

I determined the key information and drafted outlines to reformat the information into:

  • Infographics
  • FAQ articles
  • Expert Q&A articles
  • Slideshows
  • Checklists
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletter articles

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